A past steeped in history...

The West End bar has been a fixture on the Blantyre landscape for over 80 years.

The MacNeil family ran the pub for over 74 years before moving on in 2008. The story of the family’s association with The West End Bar began in 1925 when Captain Joseph MacNeil, a retired Merchant Navy captain, left the Isle of Barra with his wife Elizabeth to start a new life in Blantyre.

The couple bought a pub in High Blantyre from the Pearson family and renamed it the Caledonian, but locals knew the establishment as “the Hielandmans” in homage to Captain MacNeil.

They ran the pub for nine years before moving their business to Glasgow Road in 1934. They took over The Farmers Club, which is now known as The West End Bar.
Now the West End Bar is entering a new era as it has been taken over by another family steeped in the hospitality industry; Lisini Pub Co was established over 50 years ago by legendary ex-Celtic player Harry Hood. In those 50 years Lisini has gone from strength to strength and will bring their stamp of quality to the grand old lady of Glasgow Road.